Technical Applications Program
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TAP (Technical Applications Program)

  1. Allows students to learn fundamental skills in all areas of education, but specifically Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology.  These basic skills can be applied not only in core subjects, but also in a variety of industry specific programs that are offered at High Plains Technology Center. TAP's goal is to use a project based, hands on approach to close the skills gap in student learning and provide career exploration at an earlier age.
  2. Focuses to strengthen and improve student’s soft skills in the areas of leadership, public  speaking, and community involvement while stressing the importance of time management, and self-discipline.
  3. Offers a student organization, TAP Club, featuring business and industries in the area. This exposure to different careers and job opportunities available can expand the knowledge of our students and expose them to a variety of educational pathways.  

The TAP Program at High Plains Technology Center is a cooperative effort with the partner schools in the district as well as community leaders, business owners, parents, and students. The concept continues to gain momentum as the program and curriculum continue to evolve. The skill set taught will be enhanced and expanded over time to sustain the trends in industry needs.  By working simultaneously with all stakeholders, the TAP program can stay abreast and current with industry to reduce skill gaps in students and help prepare them for advanced training and the workforce.  

The Technical Applications Program allows students to experience the programs offered at HPTC at an earlier age, learn fundamental skills, explore and choose a desirable career path, and ultimately become confident, successful adults. 

Blaire Lively, Woodward 6th grade student said, “TAP is important because it helps kids realize what life is like. TAP is another way to help kids look at jobs at a young age and help kids set a life goal.”

Jack Case, a 5th grade Woodward student said, “TAP is an important class because we aren’t going to learn it anywhere else at this age.” 

Anissa Ayala, Woodward 5th grader, “In TAP, there are no limits!”

Alexis Pettey, 8th grader from Ft. Supply said, “TAP means a lot to me. It is the reason why I enjoy going to school and why I get up in the morning, because I know that I will be going to learn something new every day.”



The vision of the Technical Application Program is to create a learning environment that encompasses application and the "why" to learning. When students can understande the "why" in a concept, they become engaged in learning. This combined with a sense of pride and ownership in their work allows students to flourish in their educational experience. The TAP instructors also believe in the importance of closing the skills gap in learning, exploring career options, building relationships and developing strong leaders.


8th and 9th Grade HPTC District (Buffalo, Fargo-Gage, Ft. Supply, Mooreland, Sharon-Mutual, Vici and Woodward) students attend in an extended time period daily throughout the school year.  

Woodward students, 6th and 8th grades, have the opportunity to participate in TAP as an elective class for the semester. Freshman enroll in TAP for the entire year.  


Forrest Rogers, a 32 year veteran educator, whose expertise lies in the area of marketing, management, and video production.  

Lisa Steadman, a 23 year science educator, is proficient at using hands-on project based learning to challenge middle school students.  

Danna Goss, a 27 year educator, whose true talent lies in bridging the gap between public school and career technology education through teaching students the connection between STEM applications and future career skills.

Darin Dale has worked at HPTC for 7 years. Mr. Dale values the importance of preparing students for their career and future job.

Darrell Jones, a 35 year veteran educator, whose expertise lies in the area of technology. Mr. Jones teaching career began teaching SHOP at Woodward Middle School. 

More information about High Plains’ TAP can be obtained by contacting instructors, Danna Goss at or Lisa Steadman at Or contact Don Gaines,  Assistant Superintendent-Daytime Instruction at