Service Careers
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Service Careers

  1. On site work-based program that develops employability, job attainment, problem-solving and life skills. 

  2. Experience a wide-range of careers in a hands-on learning environment similar to that found in the workforce.

  3. Mentor with industry professionals to assist with a variety of key support functions.

Service Careers is designed to teach students the various skills necessary to be successful in the field of building and grounds maintenance, certified nurse aide preparation, childcare and horticulture. Students have the opportunity to explore various occupational areas that enable them to make informed career choices. Through this exploration, students develop a positive self image, which enables them to gain the insight needed to develop in other career areas.

By offering a “hands-on” learning environment similar to that found in the work force, students learn job skills required for employment. Students also learn safety, communication, human relations, work ethics and leadership skills. Eligible students are given the opportunity to participate in on-the-job training.

Students completing this program will receive a competency certificate in Service Careers. 


Career Focus: 

Prepared for immediate employment, job certifications and further education. 

Areas of Study Include:

  • Safety Procedures
  • Occupational Services
  • World of Work
  • Building Grounds
  • Custodial Services
  • Teacher Prep
  • Horticulture
  • Basic Computer
  • Student's Occupational Choice


More information on Service Careers can be obtained by contacting Karen Rogers at (580) 571-6105 or via e-mail at For enrollment information contact Amber Riley, Guidance Counselor at (580) 571-6183.