Career Programs


  1. Prepares students to edit raw video camera footage into a final product for viewing. Students master both non-linear computer editing techniques and real-time editing for professional digital video productions.

  2. Develop skills in Video Production or Video Game Production

  3. Gain real world experience through community oriented projects and competitions

The Multi-Media program at HPTC helps students explore the creative and technical aspects of integrating text, graphics, animation, audio, scripting, coding, motion capture and video to produce engaging and multi-sensory experiences.  The class offers hands on applications, up to date equipment and technology.  This program is open to high school juniors and seniors and adult students.   

Areas of study include:

  • Video Editor 

  • Video Production Assistant

  •  Video Game Designer 

  • Game Programmer



Career Focus: 

Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications and further education.

More information on Multi-Media contact Richard Kirksey, Instructor, at (580) 571-6169 or for enrollment information contact Amber Riley, Guidance Counselor at (580) 571-6183.