Medium - Heavy Duty Truck Technology
Career Programs

Medium/Heavy Diesel Service  Technician 

  1. Work on heavy equipment in a rapidly changing industry using a full systems approach.

  2. Diagnose, repair, overhaul and assemble diesel power-driven trucks and machinery.

  3. Use the same equipment and techniques as ASE professionals in a modern facility.

Instruction in the Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Program will provide the student with the technical background necessary to inspect, diagnose, and correct problems associated with medium/ heavy duty diesel trucks and heavy equipment. Using guidelines developed by business, industry, and labor, students are prepared for a productive career in medium/ heavy duty diesel truck technology. Upon completion of the program, students may be employed in transportation, construction, agriculture, gas compression, oil & gas and other industries using medium/ heavy duty diesel truck technology.

Students successfully completing this program are rewarded with certificates of completion in Diesel Mechanics and they are eligible to take the State Diesel certification tests, along with other industry supported certification tests. 

This program is ASE and NATEF certified.  

Areas of Study Include:


Diesel Engines

Air Brakes

Preventative Maintenance

Electrical/Electronics System

Electrical System

Drive Trains

Hydraulic System

Air Conditioning /Heating Systems

Career Focus:

Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications and further education.

Career Opportunities Include:

-Diesel Technician

-Electrical/Electronics Specialist

-Air Conditioning Specialist

-Fuel Injection Specialist

-Air Brake Specialist

-Opportunities in sales, management and marketing with unlimited salary potential.

More information on Medium/Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Technology can be obtained by contacting Jayme Spillman at (580) 571-6153. For enrollment information contact Amber Riley, Guidance Counselor at (580 )571-6183. 



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