Marketing Management
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Marketing Management

  1. Develop an entrepreneurial spirit by operating several student-run companies in a competitive business setting.

  2. Experience a wide range of dynamic business strategies for creating, communicating and delivering products and services to customers.

  3. Design and implement powerful marketing and management plans to solve real world business challenges.  

Marketing Management teaches students the fundamentals of marketing and business operation. Course topics include business management, supervision, employee survival skills, human relations or basic interpersonal skills, economics, sales and promotion. Students also study marketing/business basics, economics, fundamentals of merchandising,distribution, pricing, outside selling, information management, promotions, applied management and credit.

This cooperative program allows students to earn credit for on-the-job training. Students must work a minimum of ten hours a week in a marketing related job to qualify for these credits. The program also has an active DECA Chapter, the student organization for marketing students.

Marketing Fundamentals Areas of Study Include:

Orientation and Marketing Basics

Employee Survival Skills

Human Relations / Interpersonal




Business Management and Supervision Areas of Study Include:

Marketing / Business Basics


Outside Selling

Information Management


Applied Management



Fundamentals of Merchandising / Distribution



Career Focus:

Prepared for further education and immediate employment.

More information on the Marketing / Management Program can be obtained by contacting Katrina McDowell at (580) 571-6170. For enrollment information contact Amber Riley, Guidance Counselor at (580) 571-6183.   



Marketing/Management Plan of Study