Health Careers Certification
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Health Careers Certifications 

  1. Experience live clinical instruction using high tech equipment found in today's healthcare facilities. 

  2. Perform a wide range of medical procedures in various healthcare careers.

  3. Apply advanced healthcare concepts, processes and diagnostic procedures in a clinical environment.

Health Careers Certifications offers students the opportunity to pursue a variety of career pathways in the medical field.  The Health Careers Program can lead to certification for job placement in the following career majors:  Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, EKG Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Long Term Care Assistant, Home Health Care Nursing Assistant, Advanced Acute Care Nursing Assistant, Dental Assistant, Mental Health Aide, Radiology Aide, Physical Therapy Aide, Student Athletic Trainer, Veterinary Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Medical Technician Basic, or Long Term Care Aide.

School certifications are awarded for each completed pathway and National and State certifications are available for those who qualify.

Health Careers offers both traditionally structured instructor directed lecture and discussion based learning as well as student centered, technology enhanced, self-paced curriculum. Clinical applications are also an important part of the curriculum. Students complete individualized programs of study in one to four semesters. 





This program is good for someone looking for immediate  certification and employment or for someone just wanting to explore different career opportunities in the medical field.  Some students may plan to go on to higher education to pursue a degree in Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Doctor, or Mental Health Professional after successfully completing a Health Careers pathway.     

Career Focus:

Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications and further education.

More information on the Health Careers Certification Program can be obtained by contacting Polly Cottom at (580) 571-6161 or Shelby McVicker at (580) 571-6132.   For enrollment information contact Amber Riley, Guidance Counselor at (580) 571-6183.

Class website for student activities and programming can be accessed by clicking this link: