Bid Assistance
Business And Industry

Whether you are just getting started or have been contracting with the government for years, High Plains Technology Center’s Bid Assistance Program provides important information and tools needed for contracting with the federal and state government.
The complex government procurement systems often discourage companies that want to sell their products or services to federal, state, county or city governmental agencies. The Bid Assistance program will translate government language into simple terms and provide valuable assistance in the bidding process including:

  • Marketing opportunities for state and federal agencies
  • Registration information to become qualified to submit bids
  • Bid matching to identify current bid opportunities
  • Sub-contracting opportunities for construction related projects

Plan Room

The Bid Assistance program in conjunction with High Plains Technology Center offers a plan room where contractors can have plans e-mailed and printed or scanned to a compact disk (CD) or flash drive.  All copy or printing services are done with limited resources, please allow several days for projects to be completed.  The plan room offers a variety of services to try and meet the contractor’s needs.

For more information on these training initiatives, contact HPTC or Sheila Reazin at 580-571-6167.


   - OBAN (Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network)

  – Federal Business Opportunities